About Chikankari (Ru-Ba-Ru-Ae-Chikankari)

The craft of Chikan work, often referred to as Lucknow Chikan, is over 400 years old with a firm presence in the Indian and global fashion arena. Chikan, in the literal sense means ’embroidery’. This traditional embroidery style is one of Lucknow’s most ancient and well-known art forms, believed to be introduced by the Mughals. The main essence of this alluring art is a simple design, and beautifully handcrafted patterned embroided  on the garments.


At The Chikan Label we conceptualized the art of chikankari on a different, albeit traditional platform. We are working to bring the finest artisans who were otherwise getting drawn to other professions, to the global market, and to make sure that the local art of Lucknow reaches every part of the Globe. We are striving to bring the best hand Crafted Chikankari for our Customers.

With a motive to bring this art of Chikankari on global level we are working in the direction to improve the lifestyle of the Artisans who are not getting the proper credit and benefits of their hardwork and talent.

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